A poem by Jeremy

Last time, I introduced you to the gang who work here with me at the Monkestry. I briefly talked about Jeremy and the little he does here.
Well, Jeremy seems to have enjoyed his five minutes of fame and has written a poem, ‘for your readers to read.’
I hope you enjoy…

I Cry
I cry when it rains,
Upon the tourists.
They have paid a lot of money
For their holiday to just be ruined.
Like that.
All of a sudden.
Not that it’s anyone’s fault,
Or anything.
I just don’t want them
To go home and then
Bad mouth our country
Because of the weather.
Monk Monkey forces me
To sleep in a corner of the bingo hall.
That is all.
And this is why
I cry.

By Jeremy


12 thoughts on “A poem by Jeremy

  1. Hi Jeremy! Don’t be sad. You are in charge of bananas, so when you feel like crying, simply eat another banana. if you get constipated, we’ll work that out later. As for the hall for bingo …
    B-I-N-G-O … And Bingo was his name-o. ♪ ♪
    Or is it a numbers-calling bingo hall? If so … B1, I7,Free Space,G18,O24 –BINGO!!
    Monk Monkey … be nice to Jeremy. He’s a good employee. Let him sit upfront with the bingo numbers-caller man.
    I’ll be back tomorrow.

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