La la crema!

So I was wanting coffee today. SO WHAT, YOU FREAKS! And then I needed another one. GET OVER IT, YOU NERDS! And lastly, I had three more coffees. AND THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT, UH-HUH UH-HUH, SO SHADDUP!

You may be wondering FOR SOME REASON how I can get my hands on triple caramel lattes when I am stuck inside the monkestry ALL FRIKKIN’ DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Well… the answer is simple. Recently we used our bingo takings to purchase a BIG MOTHER coffee making machine thing and then sent DAPHNE on a BARISTA COURSE! SHUUUUUT UPPPP!!!

And do you know what? Daphne is really good at the making of the coffees, but there is this one annoying thing she does. As the coffee drips out of the dripping part of the machine bits, she starts singing LA LA CREMA! LA LA CREMA! Over and over again, like she’s some 50s one hit wonder who DIED in a PLANE crash AND was portrayed in an 80s movie by DIAMOND LOU Phillips!

Diamond Lou looking as cut as a Diamond. Lou.

Diamond Lou looking as cut as a diamond. Lou.

So I need some help. HELP ME, YOU TOAD-LICKERS! Please, please, (Please), PLEASE OH FRIKKIN’ PLEASE, tell me the name of another coffee-related song I can teach her because this La La Crema thing is getting really annoying when I have to hear it like 26 times a day. YES!!! 26 TIMES!!! GET OFF MY BACK, YOU BABY MONKEYS!



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