Once upon a time

There was a boy, once upon a time. He lived in a forest, surrounded by trees. Once upon a time, there was also a tall wall surrounding the forest. On the other side of that wall was the Land of Once Upon A Time.
‘Coo!’ squealed the boy. ‘I can’t wait afore I scale ye over that wall, thither and whence it shall leadeth me, I never can guesse.’
So, once upon a time, the boy collected a collection of objects which he called his ‘collection.’ Within the collection there was the following collection:

  • A whistle
  • A komodo
  • dragon
  • A bow tie
  • A tied bow
  • Another whistle
  • Chocolate biscuits
  • A brain teaser game similar to Sudoku, and
  • A hyena mask

Yet nothing had he packed with which he could climb upon and upover that wall surrounding that forest in that once upon a time. The boy blew his whistles and tied his bows (he didn’t have time for the puzzle that was a bit like Sudoku), but yea, verily, no rope or slingshot or crane (or any other bird) had he packed!

And that little boy was me.

And have I learned my lesson? NO SIR! Yesterday I went for a drive in my Monkmobile but forgot to take my keys! WHOOPS!
In which ways have YOU been a DOOFUS lately?


The keys I use to open my Monkmobile.



7 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. I hope you had a lovely drive in your Monkmobile. I think if you would have fashioned wings from the komodo, and attached them to the dragon, and blew the whistle loudly, he would have taken flight and carried you over the wall. Alas and alack, it is now too late. And I am still lamenting my doofusness at chopping my hair with no regard to how the fact that I may end up looking like the Dutch Boy Paint Can Logo.

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