Monk Monkey Tells All

For those of you who missed it, here is a post from Brother Jon in which I get the celebrity treatment. He loves me. He interviewed me. Millions of monkey’s prays were answered!


9 thoughts on “Monk Monkey Tells All

    • Doris is so horrible sometimes. She only lets you in if she likes your smell. I have gone through hundreds of bottles of fancy perfume. But she still has her job here for some reason.

  1. I think I am almost done hanging out at your blog today, Monk Monkey. In my effort to comment on all of your posts always, I had to go back and double-check some of them. I raised your stats today by clicking on a ton of your posts!

    I have to pay our bills, so I must go and take care of that but wanted to say again that your answers to the questions were pretty great, and I’m happy – or maybe a little sad – that I got sucked into the Wiggles video TWICE now. 🙂

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