If I was Boy George

First thing: I would change my name.
Second: I would write a sequel to Karma Chameleon called Shakra Tortoise…

Shaka-shaka-shaka-shaka Shakra too-oortoise…

Third: I would give birth to a daughter and name her Girl George just to confuse people. I would also label everything in my house in a similar way (Table George, Sink George, Cat George, Wife George, Gorge George.)

Fourth: I would move to Georgia.

Five: I would only talk to people if they called me first to ask permission. I don’t know why.

Lastly: Lots of lamingtons! I don’t know why.

Boy George

Table George

Buoy George


15 thoughts on “If I was Boy George

    • I don’t know how it works. I guess you just lower Boy George onto Buoy George from a helicopter, then fly away and just see what happens.
      Maybe George Michael would save him?

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