Untitled Magic

Floating on the wind, wind, wind,
Life can be a grind, grind, grind,
Then quicker than the wind, wind, wind,
I realise that I’ve grinned, grinned, grinned.

Everytime I read, read, read,
Getting my brain fed, fed, fed,
I wonder if I read, read, read,
More often than I feed, feed, feed.


You see what I did there?


14 thoughts on “Untitled Magic

      • Hey, I forgot to come back here and reply to this. Giraffes are my favorite animal! I once took an employment test for a sales job, and when they asked me what kind of animal I would like to be, I knew they wanted me to say a lion or a tiger – some aggressive animal to show an aggressive personality for sales. But I wouldn’t play the game. I said I wanted to be a giraffe. The man looked puzzled and asked why. I told him because they are elegant and they have long legs. I didn’t get the job. 😉 Yes, I am sort of tall. I grew to a whopping 5′ 71/2″ – and when I wore heels, I was nearly six feet. I liked that. And yes, I ride on the back of a motorbike. Without a helmet.

        Now my question to you is: What animal would you most like to be. Do not tell me a monkey. I know you love monkeys and apes and all manner of primates. Give me another animal.

        • Haha! Wow you’re kidding me! And funny story!

          Gee…no one ever asks me these sorts of things…it’s tricky…um, a cat? You could just sleep in the sun all day and no one would bother you but if you wanted some attention you could find someone to pat you. Is a cat good?

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