What happens to all the tweets after you #die?

What will happen
To all the tweets you have
After you die?
Will they float or fly
Or just die
By then you may have tweeted
Six billion times, or more!
Or less, of course,
It depends on how much you have to say.
And some may never tweet again,
For this is their last day.
But whether you will tweet
A lot
Or a little,
Where will all those characters go
Once you go too?

One day,
I hope to return
As a butterfly,
Or stag beetle,
And say to the tweets,
“Where did your authors go?
The ones that once had so much to say?”
And the tweets will reply,
“They all gone. #death”
(They aren’t very good at the English.)
And I will weep and cry,
By and by,
For those poor little tweets
Floating somewhere in the sky.


11 thoughts on “What happens to all the tweets after you #die?

  1. This is actually a very awesome poem. It should be published.

    When I die, it won’t matter what happens to my tweets, because I don’t have any! Not a single tweet! Well, I had *one* once, but I deleted it. If you don’t delete them, they live on forever and ever for strangers in the year 2525 to come along and shake their heads and laugh at the folly of the people in 2013.

    Please don’t come back as a stag beetle, because you have to go through that gross grub phase. A chrysalis for a butterfly is much better.

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