What if I was you and yous was me?

Okay, so what if I was you and you were me (through some magical transformation a la Freaky Friday) and I learned what it was like – not only to live your life but to have your body (oh baby), and you likewise mine (oooohhhh baby) – would you please remember to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, not on the floor. There is NO way I am coming back to my body and house and have to clean up after you, ok? Gee!*

*The comments and opinions shared by Monk Monkey do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of Monk Monkey as he is being posessed by a rather anal and pretty annoying bullfrog. Monk Monkey’s soul is currently residing in the back end of a costume horse in a storage facility in Delaware.


16 thoughts on “What if I was you and yous was me?

  1. So what you are saying is that I will basically get to trade my awesome life with a bullfrog in a monkey body? Will my name be Jeremiah? I don’t think I would like that proposition. I might eat a lot of bananas, but would crave flies. You on the other hand would love the enormous amount of silliness that goes on around here. And you would like my dog. Just don’t drop the ball on my books, please. Keep writing them.

    P.S. – Monk Monkey is in the states! How cool is that. I hope his soul sneaks out of the costume facility and travels a bit. Maybe to someone’s childhood home in New Jersey!

    • Hahahaaaa! If someone would just put on this dumb horse outfit I’ll see what I can do about getting around. And I’m mire than happy to keep writing your books. Look for more dinosaurs, space ships, and overweight crime solvers. Oh wait, you have them already!

  2. oh It is tempting no doubt to be in that beautiful body of yous and hey show me one person who hasn’t ever thought/ dreamt of being possessed by a bullfrog. if I ever get that chance definitely going to take it and name myself kakatobikikitulluhoha.

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