Sandwich time

Forgive me, but I just have to tell you that I just ate the best sandwich of my life.

It was so good I think I just reached Nirvana a bit.

Eat of this too and you too may reach Nirvana (a bit) too!

The Nirvanwich

Big, round, flat Lebanese bread
Lots of BBQ chicken pieces
Tomato (sliced)

Put everything on the bread and roll it up.
Eat it and reach a bit of Nirvana.



11 thoughts on “Sandwich time

  1. My dear Monk Monkey. Your sandwich does sound quite delicious. Is your coleslaw milk-based or vinegar-based? That would be a determining factor for me.

    Now please try my favorite sandwich. In case you forgot, here it is again: Open up the pocket of a piece of pita bread and spread the inside liberally with cream cheese. Slice a green pepper and nuke in the microwave until slightly soft; pile however many slices you want into the pita pocket. Now place several slices of hard salami on a plate and nuke those bad boys until they are sufficiently warmed or the ones around the edge of the plate start to crisp. Use a spatula and move the salami into the pita pocket. Yum! Yum! Super messy, hot salami grease will run down your arms, and you will smile. A sandwich fit for a monkey!

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