Have you ever been frustrarrassed?
Let me enlighten you as to what it means and how it happens…

Last weekend I attended my new niece’s baptism. She is the first baby girl in the family but it’s really weird because I never see her so it’s almost like she doesn’t really exist. The in-laws side of the family (we are the out-laws) took it very seriously and she wore a mini wedding dress, bracelet and probably undies that had been blessed by the monkey Pope. (Except she is too young to wear undies.) I tried my best and wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt even though it was a dusty, dry 38 degrees C.

Anyway, my two little boy monkeys ruined the whole day, crying and moaning and getting under everyone’s skin. They were rude, unsociable and just wanted to “go home.” So, to be annoying, they decided they needed to walk from the church to the picnic cake time in the park with my parents and wife. I drove the few blocks so the car would be right there when we finally did “go home.”

I parked the car at the park’s parking and (to be nice) grabbed the kid’s water, hats and a huge umbrella that was in the car, thinking they would have been very hot, and went off to find them and meet them halfway. The wind picked up. A hot wind. I was sweaty and looking like a moron holding a massive umbrella even though it wasn’t raining. But I wanted to do the right thing!

Long story short – I couldn’t find them, the umbrella blew inside out and I got lost in the heat along a highway while the cake party got into full swing. It turns out the family had taken some short cut and were already there. I lugged all the things and the big, inside-out umbrella back to the car and felt very embarrassed. The frustrated part of the frustrarrassed was still to come…

I was stressing that I was missing from the cakey get-together. I didn’t want to be there, but I wanted to be nice to my sister. So I said I’d go get the car and park it right at the picnic (I was at the other end of the park.) The boys were losing it and wouldn’t survive the walk later on. I was really sweaty now. Plus, it turns out this park was MASSIVE and all the roads were ONE-WAY and I couldn’t find the picnic spot ANYWHERE. I was this close to driving into the river. I was frustrated!

I finally got there but missed out on all the sandwiches. People were starting to leave. I carried one of the boys to the car as they moaned something about Ninja Turtles, and then my wife backed the car into a pole.





22 thoughts on “Frustrarastration!

  1. Dear Monk Monkey, I have 2 words for you. Inner Peace. Now go eat a deep-fried chocolate-covered banana and decide whether I should have hyphenated those words or not. (Criticizing someone else’s grammar is the fastest way to restoring balance that I know of–aside from self-induced coma. Which might have health consequences if over used.)

  2. Step away from the gun. You remember what happened to my husband. You don’t want to lose the use of your pinky finger; you will need it when drinking tea and playing Elevenses. And always remember, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. It’s the law.

  3. Yeah, that does sound like a perfect recipe for frustraration. Just the heat alone would do that to me and being lost in a car with only one-way roads would sent me ballistic, I swear. But it makes a good story, right?

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