I’m back, BITCHESSS!!!

A lovely lady is back online. Meet her, why don’t you?


I have been planning this post since the day of my accident.  I know I posted about my first steps while I was still in the first hospital (read about it here if you need a refresher) but I’ve always been planning my comeback post.  I knew that it would mean that I finally felt like me again.  It has taken SOmany unfinished posts, scribbles on napkins, and the fast approaching 9 month accident anniversary for me to finally piece together this post.  NINE FREAKING MONTHS.  Other people pop humans out of their vaginas and all I got was this post.  I should make that into a t-shirt.  But really, that’s how obsessed with blogging I was.  Blog 3 times a week.  Work 40+ hours.  Cofounder and Vice President of my volunteer group.  Hang out with friends constantly. Bake at least three times a week for parties…

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