About Monk Monkey

Remember how they got a thousand monkeys to write on a thousand typewriters for a thousand years to try and write the great novels of the world? I was one of those monkeys.

It was my job to write The Life of Pi. I got there – after 432 years.

Despite a lifetime of service and getting bad arthritis in all my fingers and wrists, they fired me because I accidentally spelled Pi as Pie all the way through.



35 thoughts on “About Monk Monkey

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  4. Bummer, when most any word processor could have converted all those Pies into Pis with the touch of a couple keys. But then, you had to go and use a typewriter… guess they made the right choice…

  5. Someone who has shaved the top of his head, sings chants and likes bananas and they fire you cos you wrote pie! 😯
    Life of Pie any day sounds better and more interesting and it rhymes with Fun and weekend.

  6. Hey, Monk Monkey, you cute little shaved-head primate. I swear, I’m gonna pinch those cheeks for real one day. Anyway! There is this awesome card game coming out! You have to check it out: Elevenses – The Card Game of Morning Tea. http://kck.st/1cDrnV3
    I have an in with the creator, and I’ll put in a good word for you. I think he would like a primate to play the game with. Anyway! Would you believe I have a royalty check coming from Germany?! I know! How cool is that! The goal is $12,000 for the game, and I’m already in once, but I’m going in again as soon as that royalty check arrives. They can have it all. 😉 You should chip in, too. XOXOXOXO

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