What is a pen?

Let Monk Monkey guide you towards enlightenment and undarkenment and away from the embankment (it’s dangerous, you might fall off and knock your shin on a rock or something)…


Ceci n’est pas un stylo

Is a pen a writing implement, or is it a place to hold wild beasts? Could it be both? Could you draw a pen with a pen, thereby combining the two pens? Or even better, could you build a pen out of pens? (You may need sticky tape or glue or rubber bands to hold it together.)

I am here before you today to promote this idea. No, I don’t want you to build a pen out of pens, or draw a pen out of pens – either kind of pen – nor do I ask of thee to draw a pen made out of pens with your pen. No. What I wish for you to grab hold of today is your ability to flip and twist ideas, even combining two ideas into one, like the pen and the pen idea I was just telling you about.

Here is another one… Is a plant something you do or something that grows, or is it both? I mean, of course it’s both, but like, could a plant plant itself? Oooh! Now I’ve head-spinned you!


Ceci n’est pas une plante

Here is another other one… Is a die something you do at the end of your life, or is it a single dice? OR is it both? Could a die die. ie: can a die be dead? On top of this, can the dead roll a die? Or are they so dead their dies are dead, too?

zombie dice

Ceci n’est pas une morte jeux pour les morts

Here is one last one to prove my point… Is a point a pricky bit at the end of a stick, or is it something you do with a finger? I am quite sure you can point a point, point with a point, point at a point and all the other things you can do, too.


Qu’est ce que vous voyez les oirreiles pointy ‘pon l’homme’s tete? C’est jolie, ca! C’est tres bonhomeur! Cest formidable! Mais…Ceci n’est pas les oreilles pointy.

Now, if your head is not yet melty, let me get you to this new state of being with me right here and now with the following statement:

The pen pen planted a plant before the die could die and it pointed with a point of making its point by pointing its finger at the pointed plant in the pen…but it had died!

Amen, all hail the great Monk Monkey who has opened our minds and souls to a better place of living and thinking and made us want to build a pen out of pens for penning up pens in. Oh! He just did it again!