Talent night

Last night was Talent Night at the monkestry. We hadn’t held one before, but team morale hit an all-time low last Friday when Des accused Doris of taking one of his cleaning sponges home to do ‘who knows what’ and not returning it. Doris stepped on his foot ‘accidentally’ in the kitchen later during morning tea, and well – I just thought it was time to try and boost morale around the place.

Everyone was required to perform and we all sat in the bingo hall to watch the performances. My friend Thomas skyped in, too! The theme for the night was Dolphins (chosen by me in order to keep everyone’s creativity on track.) So, without further ado,in order of appearance, here is a rundown of our first ever TALENT NIGHT!


A poem written and recited by Jeremy

Fury of fin,
And fun,
Won’t you ever come my way?
And frolic in the sun?

Don’t sin,
Or kill,
But even if you do,
I will love you still.

(One person clapped)

Daphne then did a dolphin mime act. I didn’t take photos but it was really quite surreal. It went on for 22 minutes.

(No one clapped)

Des then read out a prose piece he said he had actually been working on for a long time and the fact that Dolphins was chosen as the theme of the night was really quite serendipitippitus for him.

Dolphins, Majestic They

Dolphins. These majestic creatures live in the ocean and balance rubber balls on their snouts. Dolphins. Do you love their streamlined majesticness? Dolphins. How many times have you dreamed to swim alongside them and be filled with their love and an awe of all living things, only to wake up and find you have wet the bed? Dolphins. Attackers in the night, they pull out weapons from underneath their flippers and try to skewer you with them as they have poisoned barbs at the end of their weapons. Dolphins. Slender, moist and fun-loving. Dolphins are truly the flowers of the sea and I love them. Thank you dolphins!

(No one clapped)

Daphne’s turn was then up but she refused to take part. To avoid a scene (once I reminded her that this was supposed to be mandatory) I got on stage to perform my own glorious act: Powerpoint slideshow of dolphins with mustaches on them! It was so hilarious (Everyone clapped) and they all asked to watch it again.

Here is a taste…

images (1)
images (2)
images (3)
images (5)
images (4)

Maybe next time morale is low in your workplace you should try a TALENT NIGHT!