Teambuilding with Monk Monkey

Yesterday was teambuilding at the monkestry. Des, Daphne, Doris, Jeremy and I all took a day off the door, kitchen, dance floor and toiley to grow closer together.
Below I have outlined some of the teambuilding activities I ran. Perhaps you would like to try these at your workplace.

Exercise 1: Spin the banana
Sit your team in a circle. In the centre, place a banana. Spin the banana. Whoever the banana points to sits quietly while everyone else tells them what they hate about them. This is a good way for everyone to get out what they hate about each other.

Exercise 2: Kiss the banana
Using the same banana, each team member takes turn kissing it. Everyone else watches. You can learn a lot about another person from how they kiss things.

Exercise 3: Pin the pin in the donkey
Next, bring in a real donkey. Then give everyone a pin. Discuss as a group what might happen if we stuck our pins in the donkey – how would it react, what might it do to us, how might we retrieve the pins, etc. Then do it.

Exercise 4: Voodoo dolls
Have small dolls made up in the likeness of your team members. Pass them around and ask your team to do to the dolls what they wish they could do to the people in real life. Collect the dolls and discuss as a group the placement and severity of the injuries.

Exercise 5: Watch ‘Home Alone 2’
A team that laughs together, works together!