Reblog 1: Vyvacious

I know this funny lady Vyv. She went camping the other day. She is usually all over fb, twitter, igram, blogs, but for days… Nothing!
I assumed she was off enjoying her trip. It was actually the opposite.
Read this and be thankful for today and for safety and health. Vyv, Monk Monkey, Doris, Daphne, Jeremy and Desmond are all thinking of you!!!!


I’m sure a mother watching her child’s first steps for the first time conveys a multitude of emotions I can’t even begin to describe.

Joy. Happiness. Excitement. Awe. Wonder.

I don’t remember what my first steps as a child were like. I’m sure I clapped my hands and bubbles frothed from my mouth in excitement. Just because I was probably a happy ass baby.

Well yesterday, I experienced my first steps…all over again. After my ATV riding accident that took place Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t move. They transferred me to a backboard and drove me to an ambulance since it couldn’t navigate all those whoop-dee-whoops or potholes that well. Apparently neither could my ATV in soft sand which I realized when I went flying from it.

Full protective gear saved my life. I’m sure of it. I didn’t think it was that bad though because I could still wiggle…

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